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Commonly asked Questions

What is the best age for a newborn shoot?

I recommend that the best age to have your newborn shoot is between 1 week old and three weeks old, as they are all cosy and like to curl up. However I can photograph a baby up to 6 weeks old and still capture all your baby tiny features.

When is the best time to book in a newborn shoot?

I recommend booking in your newborn shoot at your 12 week scan so I can guarantee your space. This is so I can manage my diary and to allow me to be as flexible as possible. Don't worry ones baby arrives we will look at the calendar and re book you in for a date and time that is best for your family. I personally recommend that newborn shoot take place in the morning as I find this is when they are at there most sleepiest.

How long is a newborn session? 

A newborn shoot can take up to four hours and the reason for this is your newborn will need feeding, cuddles and changing throughout the session which is baby led rather then led by me.

What happens if my newborn baby is born early or late?

When you book your newborn shoot we will pencil in a date a few days after your due date. This is only a rough guide and more often than not will get changed due when baby arrives. The date is pencilled in purely for me to manage the volume of bookings to ensure I can fit everyone in. I will be totally flexible to accommodate late or early arrivals.

My baby has already been born, CAN I STILL BOOK a session?

I normally advice its best to book in your newborn shoot around your 12 week scan to guarantee your space however I will do my best to try to fit you in so, please get in touch asap.


Do I need to bring anything?

Everything you will need for your photo session is provided but please bring what you would normal take with you when you leave the house, and a change of clothes for you and baby. If you would like to include any personal items such as a special teddy or a uniform please bring it with you.

When is the best time to feed my baby?

The best time to feed your baby is when you arrive at the studio. This will help them to go into a deep sleep and helps us to capture those sleeping newborn poses. However, if you are breast feeding I advise you give them a good feed before you leave for your session and then top up when you get to the studio. Babies are

unpredictable and you can’t plan too much for the shoot so don't worry, I will work around you and your newborn to get the best pictures.

What is best to wear to my newborn shoot? 

Please wear what you feel comfortable in, dark and neutral colours work best or bright, plain colours. It’s worth avoiding clothes with stripes, patterns, cheques and logos. Coordinating is a good way to show you are a family and looks great in the pictures, so feel free to all wear colours from a similar pallet. I also have a client wardrobe with dresses and plenty of outfits for your baby.

Can I have sibling and family pictures included in my session?

Siblings are always welcome to join in on your newborn shoot so that you can capture your growing family. We always start off with family and sibling pictures so that older brothers and sisters can be collected or taken out whilst we continue the newborn shoot. This is recommended as four hours is a long time for a small person. I live very close to two parks and Eastleigh town centre where there are shops and things to do. And of course I also have toys in the studio to help keep them occupied.

Is there parking?

Yes please park your car in the drive. There is a side gate to the right of the property, this will be open for you to walk down to the studio which is situated at the back of the garden.

Are newborn shoot worth it? 

You will never regret having a newborn shoot and capturing all their tiny details and memories for you to look back on. By the time your baby is a month old they will already have changed so much. A newborn shoot is the one shoot that people often tell me they have missed out on and wish they had booked in. Documenting your family is my favourite thing to do so in my option a newborn shoot is always worth it.

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